Simulation Lab Space Protocols - ECHA

Instructor/Student Simulation Lab Access

The doors to the Simulation lab are on constant lock. You will be required to scan your ONEcard to gain entry.

If your card does not work, please let one of the staff members know and they can look into it for you.
After hours practice time is available to all registered University of Alberta Dentistry and Dental Hygiene students who are currently enrolled. The times follow ECHA building hours:

  • Monday to Friday - 07:00 - 22:00h
  • Saturday to Sunday - 08:00 17:00h

On occasion, the Simulation lab may be booked for specific events, classes or for repairs/maintenance and may not be available. Please check the schedule posted on the entrance door of the Simulation lab for daily activity.

This is a shared space with Nutrition and is not available to Dental and Dental Hygiene students on the following days:

  • Fall Term – Wednesday PMs
  • Winter Term – Monday PMs
  • Intersession – N/A

If you have any concerns or witness any damage, please report it immediately to the Simulation Lab Coordinator at or 780.492.1349.

NOTE:  After hours practice is considered a privilege and can be withdrawn if abuses are discovered.

Simulation Lab Code of Conduct

  • Code of conduct already provided in the Clinical Manual
  • Headphones, of any kind, are not allowed during lab simulation sessions. Communication between instructor and yourself as well as for the collegial aspect of being involved with those around.
  • Playing of music over the simulation system requires approval of the course coordinator.  The choice of music must be broadly acceptable to the class.  Regardless of their approval the volume must be at a level you would have if you were treating a patient, that is, background music.
  • Using the video system for playing of videos, sports events, etc. is not acceptable.  The simulation is to be an environment for maximum learning with minimal distractions.
  • Students are not allowed to operate any of the AV system within the simulation lab. Only the course coordinator or the simulation lab support personal are allowed to operate the AV system.
  • Head wear, other than for religious reason, cannot be worn. Hair longer than shoulder length must be secured back.
  • Scrubs must be worn at all times in the simulation lab. In exceptional circumstances the course-coordinator can waive this requirement for a given session if a valid reason is provided by a student.
  • Respect the support staff.  A report by a support staff member of student lack of cooperation or lack of respect will be considered unprofessional.
  • Students are not allowed to bring food or drinks into the simulation lab.
  • All backpacks must be left against the wall and not adjacent to a working station.
  • Instructors are expected to dress either in scrubs, or dress pants and a collared shirt. Jeans and t-shirts are not acceptable.
  • No unauthorized individuals are allowed into the lab.
  • Simulation lab lockers are for storing equipment and project materials.
  • Each person is responsible to clean up their work area. DO NOT leave until your area is clean and ready for next class.
  • Protective eyewear should be worn at ALL times. (ie. Safety glasses, loupes, or personal eyewear)
  • All equipment MUST be turned off after use or at the end of your lab.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring their simulator is clean and stored appropriately after use.
  • Any equipment issues/maintenance concerns should be brought to the staff attention immediately.
  • When working in front lab and back work room, all PPE regulations must be adhered to.