ECHA Fire Procedure and Wardens

When the alarm bells sound, all dentistry staff, students, visitors, will vacate the 5th floor of ECHA either down stairwell 4 (located left of the south elevators past ladies washroom) or stairwell 5 (located beside mailroom or just east of the reception area) or stairwell 6 (located just down the hall from Room 5-549) whichever is closest to your office. If an entrance close to you has become inaccessible due to hazards, please exit to the next closest exit, away from the danger.

Once on the main floor, head to the north doors when outside and turn left to gather with everyone at the muster point area.

The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) Fire Wardens:

  • Diane Osborne in the Southeast section
  • Pat Lapointe in the Northeast section
  • Shelley Schindell in the Southwest section
  • Chris Grant in the Northwest section

The wardens wear coloured vests so they are easy to spot. They need your cooperation and assistance in leaving the building as quickly as possible when the bell sounds off.
Please Note: 

  • Elevators MUST NOT be used during an EMERGENCY or DRILL EXERCISE.
  • If a visitor has disabilities or is unable to walk down the stairwell, advise one of the Floor Wardens and they will escort that person(s) to the nearest stairwell and will stay with that person(s).
  • Until we get the “all clear” by either the Emergency Response Team or by University Protective Services, we must stay together as a group. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to one of the Fire Wardens mentioned above.