Emergency Response Codes - Kaye Edmonton Clinic

  • Check for unresponsiveness
• Call for help
• Start CPR if required and trained
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R-remove from danger
E-ensure door closed      
A-activate alarm           
C-call 66#       
T-try to extinguish
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• Wait for designated response staff
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• Notify Protective Services
• Cordon off area
• Do not enter area of hostage taking
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• Search immediate work area
• Assist as directed by response personnel
• Observe for suspicious activity
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• Stay calm and alert other staff
• Record info on Bomb Threat Checklist
• Conduct visual search
• Report any suspicious packages/items
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• Everybody stays indoors
• Close all windows and doors
• Be prepared to evacuate if necessary
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• Follow evacuation instructions
• Provide assistance & documentation as required
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• Stop all work
• Assess if Minor or Major spill
• Contain the spill as trained
• Remove unnecessary personnel
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• Wait for instruction from supervisor
• Wear AHS identification card
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