Information for Supervisors


  • For the summer of 2018, the SoD is willing to provide financial support for up to two DDS/DH undergraduate students per SoD supervisor.  If a supervisor wants to recruit more than two students, the supervisor will have to guarantee financial support for the extra student(s) from their own funds. 
  • Each student should have their own project.
  • A detailed description of the project will need to be provided before any students will be officially matched with a project. The required information will include details about your research project (a clear research objective, hypothesis, a brief background,  a brief description of the methods and a description of the student’s roles); the training requirements for the student; details about the type of certification or ethics approval required; and the status of the certification (a form will be provided).
  • These projects will be vetted by the Research Committee to make sure 1) there is a clear research objective, hypothesis, brief background and a brief description of the methods a clear research objective; 2) the role of the student is appropriate; 3) the appropriate certification or ethics approval is in place; and 4) that the training proposed is appropriate for the type of research.  
  • If certification or ethics approval is required for your project(s), proof of this approval is required before a letter of offer will be formalized with the student.
  • Every supervisor is expected to provide annually a list of the publications, presentations, and awards related to their students’ summer research projects.