Gibb award winners Dr. Ava Chow and Dr. Ysidora Torrealba

Congratulations to Drs. Ysidora Torrealba and Ava Chow on their Gibb Awards!

Dr. Chow is the 2017 recipient of the Gibb Teaching Scholar award, and Dr. Torrealba is the recipient of the Gibb Clinical Teaching Award.

Both Ysidora and Ava say their inspiration and drive to teach comes from the students. Winning the award shows them they are on the right track.

“My students are my biggest inspiration,” says Ysidora. “It is a privilege and an honor to be able to receive this award. My heart is filled with happiness, and at the same time with a strong desire of continuing to give more time, energy and effort my students and the field of dentistry.”

Ava says she was stunned when she learned she had received the award. For her, the Gibb award holds a special place in her educational journey.

“I feel incredibly honored to be the recipient of the Gibb Award. Dr. Gibb was one of my instructors when I went through the dental hygiene program,” says Ava. “I remember him being an enthusiastic and engaging teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed his dental materials course and I hope that I can convey the same energy that he brought into the classroom to my own classes.”

The Gibb Award, established in 2013, recognizes teaching excellence by instructors in dentistry and dental hygiene. This award is considered the highest internal teaching award in the School of Dentistry. It was named after Dr. Kent Gibb in recognition of his years of exemplary teaching in the school as a highly respected instructor and clinician.

“This award lets me know that I’m on the right track with my teaching,” says Ava. “It’s often difficult to tell how well we are doing in our teaching, but I strive to make sure the information I teach is relevant and interesting to my students.”

For Ysidora, as a researcher and instructor, watching and being a part of changes, transformations and the complete journey of discovering how new materials interact with old ones or testing new ones is a joy.

“The field of dentistry is so extensive that it allows you to be as creative as possible with such amazing results. This brings me a lot of satisfaction. Thank you for this recognition and privilege,” she added.