Colleen Rizzoli Profile

Colleen Rizzoli is the learning consultant with the U of A’s Technologies in Education: Support and Solutions. She’s been working on the curriculum renewal project with the School of Dentistry for the past few years.

With the project picking up pace, and beginning to enter the implementation stage in certain aspects, Rizzoli says the changes are going to change the student experience at all levels.

“I find the curriculum revitalization project to be exciting and rewarding,” says Rizzoli. “I’ve been consistently impressed by the commitment to collaboration, quality of results that seems to be intrinsic to the work culture within the School of Dentistry. It is great to work with such a dedicated and passionate group of people.”

Set to be completed in 2021, this legacy project will see a complete overhaul of the dentistry program and delivery of it. Currently, the first draft of the DDS program for years 1 and 2 has been completed.

What makes this renewal project unique is that it revolves around the commitment to collaboration says Rizzoli, who’s been working as a learning designer for the past 10 years.

“The new program does more than reorganize the way that students will learn, it establishes a new paradigm. It’s really exciting,” she says. “Many program redesign projects rely on a small group of individuals to make the key decisions and complete the majority of the planning work. From the early stages the direction this project has taken has been established and reinforced through consultation and input.”

The curriculum renewal is a positive step in the right direction. One of the greatest opportunities is that the new structure will create a transparency around what is learned and where it is learned and reinforced that hasn’t existed before explains Rizzoli.

“This will allow everyone involved to be more forward thinking and thoughtful about the learning experience than they could be before,” she said.